About Us

MiniGarden’s parent company – Evergood Tissue Culture Laboratory has over 30 years experience with plant tissue culture. In 2013, the R&D department started to develop the tissue culture of succulents. MiniGarden, which focuses on succulents, was established in 2016. MiniGarden is not only cloning plants but also propagating new plant varieties. Nevertheless, we continuously work with universities and conservation groups to preserve the sustainable survival of native plants.

Global customer base

Prominent R&D

Pioneer in TC

Business philosophy

In the busy and hustle city, people easily forget the beautiful plants surrounding them. They like nature, but cannot go outdoors often. Subsequently, most of them choose to have home gardens.
The wide range of plant varieties of MiniGarden could fill the desire of enjoying plants at home and in the work place. We hope people can sometimes put down their work, grab a drink, relax and enjoy the plants.

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