Packaging and shipping

How do you pack the plants?

MiniGarden will place the plants in box(es) and fill up with polyfill fibre. The boxes will be put in a cardboard box, which is not printed with MiniGarden’s logo. We will dispatch the box within the day of packing.

What shipping methods can I choose?

MiniGarden ships order by EMS only.

What is the shipping cost?

Shipping costs vary with destination, weight and size of the box. We can only estimate the shipping cost when your order is confirmed.

Please check Taiwan Post for the EMS rate to your country.

When can I receive my order?

MiniGarden will normally dispatch your order within one week after we receive your payment, or at a date we specified. We will give you the parcel tracking number once it is sent.

Please check Taiwan Post for the delivery standard of EMS.

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